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Top Ranked Engineering CAD Software

Jan 23, 2015

While Computer Assisted Design may seem like a relatively new innovation in mechanical engineering, its roots stretch as far back as half a century. While modern design can be traced to the 16th century, the stage for CAD was set just after the Second World War at MIT. PRONTO (Program for Numerical Tooling Operations), created by Patrick Hanratty, led to the development of the first digitizer and soon after the first graphics manufacturing system.

With the emergence of the famed UNIX systems in the 80s, CAD began making appearances in aerospace and automotive technology before finding its way to being commercially available nationwide. Today, the software is so advanced that the only decisions you need to make are just what brand of CAD software best suits your needs.

The internet often ranks various kinds of software that could be helpful whether you are in office management colleges, 3D animation training, or web site design courses. Capterra’s online software directory has ranked the best CAD available in your market. Here’s a look at some of the features of top of the line software.

TurboCAD Deluxe

From ISMI, TurboCAD has just about everything for your 2D and 3D drafting needs. First created in South Africa as a cost-efficient competitor for AUTOCAD, its low price earned it initial positive press in the US and garnered a still loyal fanbase in the engineering market. Today, Turbo still wins in the pricing department, coming in at just $129 US. This software has both Windows and Mac versions that can create solids or surface designs. For those who only require 2D functionality, the less expensive TurboCAD Designer should be sufficient and probably still have a few bonus features to make drafting easy.

DesignCAD 3D Max

For just ten dollars less than Turbo, DesignCAD software features some of the easiest navigation on the market. There is also a long list of features with an easy learning curve such as Colour Editing, and a custom tool palate. There is also a downloadable tutorial DVD should you have any problems during the design process.

Sketch Up Pro

Originally an independent company until 2006, Sketch Up was swept up by Google for six years. Currently, Trimble Navigation, a mapping company, holds the patent. It features an online, open source repository for free-of-charge model assemblies. This depot, 3D Warehouse, allows users to upload their own designs for public use. The program itself features drawing layout functionality and allows surface rendering in variable styles. In addition to 3D Warehouse, Sketch Up also supports third-party plug-in programs hosted on a site called Extension Warehouse to provide other capabilities like near photo-realistic renderings.

BricsCAD Classic

Founded by a CAD pioneer in 2002, BricsCAD primarily focuses on its core software by continual collaboration with various civil engineers and architectural companies. The classic software is the highest rated of the three different options, though it only offers 2D renderings. For other, more modern forms, BricsCAD also offers Pro and Platinum additions that have state of the art 3D modeling.

These are currently the three highest rated and best reviewed CAD software manufacturers on the market today.  

Which CAD software do you like the best and why?

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