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5 Trends to Watch in Interior Office Design

Mar 31, 2015

Many people in the workforce spend their week days in an office environment. Ideally, our work spaces should support our sense of well-being and help boost productivity. Good design in the workplace can transform a stiff, boring office into a functional and attractive space that effectively addresses the needs of employees.  A well designed workplace can help make the most of available space, improve workflow and employee retention, and ultimately impact a business’s bottom line.
An architectural design career can allow you to beautify office spaces and create an environment that promotes creativity, communication and quality of work life. Here are some of the top emerging trends in office space design. 

Collaborative Workspaces

Top companies across the globe are incorporating open-office design concepts. They have discovered that innovation is at its highest when employees are encouraged to interact, versus the old standard of being separated by cubicles. Some elements of an open-office concept are:
  • Large desks that can accommodate several people
  • Informal lounge areas
  • Less dividing walls between departments
Open workspaces help to create a deeper sense of community and remove boundaries from conversation that can generate great ideas. They serve as a platform for people from various departments to interact more often and allow for greater overall communication. 

Spaces that Promote Playfulness

When most people head to work in the morning, they tend to get into “work mode” – a more serious and tame version of ourselves that we associate with being professional. Studies show, however, that this can unintentionally squash the free-spirited side of our personalities where creativity stems from.
Many companies are realizing that employee creativity is at its best when workers enjoy a high level of comfort with their peers. A sense of playfulness can break down barriers of self-consciousness and actually promote the kind of creativity that inspires new ideas. Some larger companies have added ball pits, slides and even volleyball courts to their environments.
Smaller, more limited office spaces can accomplish this same effect by adding couches, communal eating areas stocked with healthy snacks and maybe even an arcade machine.

Room for Privacy

Open office design concepts need to include some areas that allow for privacy as well. Nooks off of common areas, privacy pods or a centrally located conference room are some ideas. Sometimes, employees may need to duck away for a phone call or have a meeting in private, and architectural design training can help teach where the best location for these spots would be in any layout.

A Touch of Nature

Studies show that employee happiness and productivity can be influenced at the level of one of our most primary needs – to be in or around nature. Major companies have included arboretums or green walls into the design of their lobbies, but a few small changes in more limited spaces can bring nature indoors and make a healthy impact such as:
  • Adding potted plants
  • More natural light
  • The use of raw materials and lumber in redesign
  • Landscape design



    Color psychology is the study of how color influences human emotion and behavior. For companies hoping to improve overall morale and productivity, painting, decorating and purchasing office furniture within the right color spectrum is important. Architectural design school covers how interior design aspects such as color tones affect workflow. 
    What color is said to promote confidence, energy and warmth and was voted color of the year in 2014? Radiant Orchid – a light shade of purple.
    What elements of design do you think contribute to a productive workplace?

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