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Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2015

Feb 20, 2015

Every interior design college student knows the importance of the kitchen in the home. While someone studying 3D animation training or network administration training may spend a good portion of their time at home in the computer room, everyone needs to eat, so everyone comes to the kitchen.
With that in mind, paying attention to the latest trends in kitchen design is something every interior designer or design student should do. Here are just some of the kitchen designs that are trending for 2015:

Rustic and Neutral Are Trendy

When it comes to overall look, designers in 2015 are shying away from the modern and flashy, instead opting for a look that is either rustic, neutral or a combination of the two. When it comes to cabinets, some of the top choices are:
  • Pale woods
  • Maple
  • Bleached Ash
  • Cherry wood
  • Whites
  • Greys
  • Walnut
With fixtures, faucets and accents, stainless steel isn’t disappearing. After all, it is important for faucets, handles and knobs to match or at least go well with the sink. Oil-rubbed bronze doesn’t clash with stainless steel and offers a more rustic look, which is why it is being used more and more. Some designers, though, are opting for warm and cool reflective metals like brass, copper and chrome and choosing plain white or warm-coloured sinks instead of stainless steel ones.

The Kitchen as Dining Room

One of the advantages of a more rustic design is that the kitchen becomes more inviting and liveable. This is good because kitchens are shifting away from being mere food preparation areas, and people are now dining in their kitchens. People even throw parties that take place largely or in some cases exclusively in the kitchen.
Interior designers are responding to this growing demand for liveable kitchens with structural choices such as:
  • Dining Nooks: Designers are turning small corners of kitchens into restaurant-style dining areas, generally using clear tables.
  • Open Floor Plan: Interior designers have been opening the kitchen up to other rooms like living rooms. This means that there needs to be stylistic consistency between the rooms, which can be accomplished with similar colours or artwork.
  • Long Tables: Long and extra-long tables in the kitchen really showcase that the kitchen is a place to spend some time. If the table is wood, it also adds to the rustic look.
  • Horizontal Shelving: In order to create more space, some designers are opting to use horizontal shelving in lieu of upper cabinets.
  • Statement Chairs: If a kitchen is just for cooking and maybe a quick breakfast, any ordinary chair would do. However, if the kitchen is also the main dining area, the chairs need to fit the room.
Do you think you’ll be adopting some of these trends when you start designing kitchens?

Categories: 3D Animation, Interior Design and Architecture, Technology and Computer Networking
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