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Forecasting Interior Design Trends for 2015

Dec 26, 2014

Whether you intend to pursue 3D animation training or interior design, there’s no question that looks are important. When it comes to home decorating, forecasts for 2015 reveal an interesting spin on a classic design struggle. While some prefer the sleek, angular efficiency of an industrial look, others gravitate toward a more naturalistic feel. Whatever your preference, studying at an interior design college offers an in-depth examination of all ongoing trends. Here are some to keep a look out for in the coming year.

Industrial Design

Industrial design has long been a staple in the business office world, but in recent years has also moved into the home. It blends classic, practical design with domestic simplicity. It also brings to the forefront the convenience and longevity that home owners want, without sacrificing character in mass-production. No need to overcomplicate matters, just firm, perfectly shaped objects. As Radiohead once said, “Everything in its right place.”

Environmentally Friendly Design

On the other side of the decor spectrum, an ecologically friendly approach has come into fashion – and it’s a trend that will continue to gain traction throughout 2015. Even students who are currently enrolled in network administration training – and no doubt give little thought to trends in interior design – have probably noticed the surge in green-healthy décor options. Businesses worldwide have recognized their responsibility in making sure they don’t damage the environment with non-sustainable designs. This has led to an abundance of energy-sustainable lighting that doesn’t rely on incandescent bulbs, and a range of earth-friendly hybrid materials.

Organic Shapes

In keeping with the theme of ecological efficiency, modern homes will continue to take a natural approach to design in 2015. Decorative objects will look as though they grew organically in your living room or dining area. More people will indulge in DIY projects that give off a natural, homespun quality. The emphasis here will be less on clean lines, and more on rough improvised edges.  

DIY Furniture

Speaking of DIY…nothing compliments a naturalized setting like carefully crafted furniture made with the simplest of organic materials. These pieces feel authentic, giving off the appearance of being one-off creations, and they are experiencing a huge bump in popularity lately. They are as far from the mass-produced feel of more industrial designs as one can get, incorporating such age-old crafts as embroidery, weaving, knotting and binding.  

Photographic Imagery

In an age where tablets and smartphones have all but made traditional cameras obsolete, it’s no surprise that the more nostalgic-minded are turning their appreciation back to older technologies. Still photography, the kind of shots you would see in galleries, will remain particularly popular amongst interior designers throughout 2015.
These are just a few of the most recent trends in interior design. Do you have any personal favourites that we missed?

Categories: 3D Animation, Interior Design and Architecture, Technology and Computer Networking
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