Earning an Online Social Media Certificate? 3 Tips for Using Google AdWords

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Have you heard of Google AdWords? AdWords is the platform Google uses to filter, sort, and promote the pay-per-click advertisements that pop up as the first rows of results whenever you search something on Google.

Social media and marketing specialists use Google AdWords tools to create pay-per-click (PPC) ads that suit particular search terms, which can help their clients attract new customers through Google searches.

If you’re interested in enhancing your own digital marketing skills, the right online social media training can teach you everything you need to know about AdWords technology and more! You’ll learn to focus on applying the fundamentals of social media and search engine optimization to an organization’s online marketing strategy.

Here are three tips that can help you use Google AdWords to your full advantage.

1. Choose Ideal ‘Keywords’ for Your PPC Ads with Online Social Media Training

As you’ll learn in social media training, keywords are at the root of every successful digital marketing strategy. To prospective customers, keywords are the search terms they use to find the products and services they need online. To skilled digital marketers and social media experts, keywords are words or phrases they choose to determine when and where their ads appear on Google.

“Selecting keywords that are closely related to your ads can help you reach customers who are looking for what your business has to offer,” Google explains. “They’re matched to terms that people search for or web content that they view.”

For example, if you pursue an online social media certificate to enhance your bakery business, you’ll learn that effective keywords for your business might include “buy cupcakes” or “custom cake order online.” By purchasing PPC ads that are prompted when these keywords are searched, you can ensure that your business is being advertised to people who are most likely to click through to your business’ offerings.

2. Write Relevant PPC & Social Media Content for Your AdWords Campaigns

Once you’ve developed a list of keywords for your business (or the business of a client you land after online social media training) you can build PPC ads and social media content that suits the audience you are hoping to attract. This package of chosen keywords, PPC ads, and the web content they link to is known in the digital marketing business as an AdWords campaign.

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Social media and digital marketing professionals work to create effective AdWords campaigns

Google prioritizes “relevance” when assigning prices to ads that are competing for space on the same search result pages.

“To encourage you to create relevant ad campaigns that accurately represent your products or services, the AdWords pricing system is partly based on relevance,” states Google. “A highly relevant ad, keyword list, and landing page is generally rewarded with a higher position on the page for potentially less money.”

If your PPC ads link through to social media accounts and webpages that feature content relevant to your chosen keywords, you’re more likely to achieve the coveted top spot on a Google search page.

3. Perform AdWords Data Upkeep after Online Social Media Training

In Google AdWords, you can find statistics about how often your particular keywords are being searched. By finding out how many impressions your search terms are generating, you can choose to invest money in the particular terms that are getting your campaigns the most attention.

Take full advantage of all the data measurement features Google AdWords offers! AdWords uses the term “return on investment” (ROI) to mean net profit generated from their campaigns. If the amount of money you’re spending on maintaining your PPC ads and use of your keywords is lower than the amount of money the campaign is generating for your business, your ROI will be a positive one.

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Social media pros frequently check up on their live PPC and AdWords campaigns

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