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3 Essential Skills to Succeed in Business Administration

Jan 28, 2015

A great administrator is an essential part of every business. Not only do business administrators understand the ins and outs a company’s operations and processes, but they are also responsible for performing tons of daily tasks which can extend from accounting and finance, to marketing and of course decision-making. Here is a list of essential skills that any student pursuing a career in business administration should master to succeed in the field:

Computer Skills

These days, computer proficiency is essential for succeeding in virtually any career. Whether you plan to take web development courses, administrative assistant courses, or perhaps even enroll in a business administration program, you will definitely be required to have a certain level of expertise in the realm of computers. Most businesses now depend on computers for storing and keeping track of huge magnitudes of important information. In fact, professional business administrators must be fluent in a wide range of computer programs, including financial and organization software. Through the use of computers, administrators are also able to effectively perform many of their daily tasks, such as keeping accurate records of expenses, inventory, schedules and much more.

Communication Skills

Graduates of business management colleges understand the importance of having impeccable communication skills to succeed in the industry. Since the job of an administrator is to oversee all of the functions of a business, he or she will be required to interact with colleagues as well as others outside of the organization – such as clients or partners. Any administrator knows that when communicating with others, it’s important to respect individual viewpoints, clearly express ideas and needs, and listen to the needs of others. Business administrators may also be required to write and send emails, letters and memos, so excellent written communication is crucial.

Conceptual Skills

In order to successfully coordinate an entire company’s resources, administrators must have the conceptual skills to be able to see the business as a whole. This includes recognizing the various sectors of a company – like marketing, legal affairs and human resources – and understanding how they all depend on and interact with each other to function. For example, if a change is to be made in a company’s marketing sector, an administrator must consider how this change might affect other areas of the business (production, control, finance, research, etc.) before the change is administered. Professionals in the field know that if the entirety of the business is considered before any changes are made, the chance of achieving success increases substantially.  

What other skills can contribute to a successful business administrator career?

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