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Top 3 Reasons Now is the Best Time to Launch your Media Career!

Sep 14, 2015


Media channels, both traditional and digital, help businesses and organizations create brand awareness and connect with target audiences. Skilled communications professionals know how to build and manage communities of followers, promote their employers’ marketing goals, and are always up-to-date on emerging media technologies.

If you have a passion for communicating with and influencing others, read on to discover why nowisthe perfect time to pursue a media career!

Demand for Media Professionals is Growing

Social media has become a staple for a growing number of Canadian businesses across all industries. An estimated 43percent of businesses in Canadause platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to engage with existing customers, and connect with new ones.

Because social media has become an essential part of the digital marketing mix, many companies have created new roles such as online community manager, digital strategist, and social media coordinator to help them build their brand and a loyal fan base online.

In order to meet a growing demand in this area of media, college programs in social media coordinator training have been created to equip students with the content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and analytics strategies they’ll to help companies thrive.

This is great time to capitalize on an expanding job market by getting the media training so many businesses look for in new hires.

A Media Career Offers you the Chance to Make a Difference

Social media offers companies amazing ways to get to know their clients and respond directly to their concerns. By tracking conversations and keeping in touch with consumers online, a skilled digital strategist can actually improve the user experience in meaningful ways – enhancing sales, customer relationships, and brand image for their employer.

Interested in working for a cause close to your heart? Earning a social media coordinator diploma can also help you raise awareness of important humanitarian, environmental, and philanthropic causes.

There are non-profit organizations of all types that maintain an active presence on social media, and they employ trained professionals to help drive traffic toward their website, raise funds, and attract volunteers.

Media Professionals Stay at the Cutting Edge of the Latest Tech

Students who are interested in a radio or television broadcasting training know how far technology has come in the industry over the last 30 years. Editing software, online streaming, and audio equipment continues to evolve at a rapid rate, opening up increased opportunities to connect in meaningful ways with both niche audiences and the public at large. And there’s no question that the internet will continue to influence all aspects of business and communications for the foreseeable future!

Professionals in media jobs will remain at the cutting edge of truly inspiring technological innovation. Each new product will bring opportunities to innovate the communication process and connect more deeply with target groups.

Just imagine what high-tech tools you’ll have at your disposal a mere five years from now!

Ready to step into your future as an accomplished media professional? Visit our website to book an appointment with a Herzing advisor today!

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