The ABCs of SEO For Students Pursuing Their Online Social Media Certificate

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Developing a solid SEO strategy can be crucial for businesses.

For beginners, trying to understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be particularly challenging. A quick internet search will leave you inundated with articles covering many different aspects of the topic, making it difficult to know where to begin, while the ever-changing nature of search engine algorithms means that much of what you read might already be out of date.

Nonetheless, the basic principles of SEO are fairly straightforward. In a nutshell, the idea is to use specific keywords on your website in order to improve its ranking in the organic search results for that term. Choosing the right keywords helps to attract your target audience to visit your page, and hopefully increase your business. For social media coordinators, the part their work plays in SEO cannot be underestimated, as Google applies some level of importance to a company’s social media presence.

If you’re hoping to become a social media coordinator, here’s what you should know about SEO and social media strategy:

Social Media & SEO Explained For Students Earning an Online Social Media Certificate

In a bid to provide the most useful results to users, Google plays close attention to the ‘social reputation’ of the author of a page. This means that it will rank the posts of companies who are more popular on social media higher.

Students pursuing an online social media certificate should also keep in mind that their company’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest profiles tend to be ranked high in Google searches for their company. On the other hand, Google+ has its own sidebar for profile information on the results page. This makes it incredibly important for companies to have a well-established presence across a number of social media platforms.

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Getting your content on social media can boost your web ranking.

How Grads Pursuing an Online Social Media Certificate Can Develop an SEO Strategy

Businesses can develop a solid SEO strategy by researching keyword terms that will boost their ranking and creating relevant content with those search terms integrated into the pages. However, it’s important to avoid needlessly including multiple keywords, as Google’s sophisticated algorithms can detect this and will dismiss your content as spam.

Various social media platforms can be used to boost your content’s ranking. Google will index posts that trend on twitter, while social shares on other sites will help increase page views and boost your ranking, so sharing your content and trying to get your followers to do the same is crucial.

Google Algorithms: Why Online Courses For Social Media Are Always Adapting

Once you become a social media coordinator, you’ll quickly discover that SEO best practices have to be refined constantly. The reason for this is because Google regularly makes adjustments to its algorithms in order to deliver more relevant results to users.

For instance, Google’s Matt Cutts stated last September that Google doesn’t incorporate social signals such as ‘likes’ and ‘favorites’ into their rankings, which many professionals had previously thought was a factor. This is just one example SEO evolving, and social media coordinators need to keep up to date with all the latest news and trends in the sector.

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Google constantly updates its practices to improve search results.

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