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Media Career Profile: A Day in the Life of a Radio Broadcaster

Aug 12, 2016

media career

Students who want to earn a media diploma turn to Herzing because of the variety of exciting career options that are available after graduation. Our radio and television broadcaster program opens doors to jobs with radio stations across the province as well as with some of Canada’s most well-known production companies.

One of the most exciting things about choosing to work in radio broadcasting is the variety of available roles. There are smaller rural radio stations that cater to a local audience as well as city-wide broadcasts looking for talent. If you’ve always been interested in a career in radio, let’s take a closer look at some of the day-to-day tasks you’d perform on the job to see if it’s a fit!

A Variety of Job Duties with One Common Purpose

As a radio broadcaster, you could hold one of several different positions, depending on your career goals and the nature of a radio station that you might work for. DJs who play back-to-back music, sports or news announcers, and talk show hosts all fall under the category of radio broadcaster.

Regardless of the job duties you undertake once you graduate, the main goal of any of these positions is to entertain and inform an audience during a given time slot. Many radio stations are on-air around the clock, which means you could work any time – from early in the morning to late at night.

Working On-Air

radio broadcaster

The most exciting part of becoming a radio broadcaster is communicating with your audience!

As a radio broadcaster, you’d be responsible for daily program schedules for the allotted time slot that you’d be on-air. This could mean creating a music playlist for your audience, preparing news updates and traffic reports, announcing weather conditions, and more. Some radio broadcasters interview sports or entertainment figures, which would involve having an interesting list of questions prepared beforehand. Some radio shows take callers to share opinions on-air, so if you work in a similar environment, you’d have the chance to come up with topics to discuss.

Other on-air duties include announcing promotional contests, and promoting local businesses and events.

Radio Broadcasters Also have Off-Air Duties

Even though the bulk of your work at a radio station would take place on-air, radio announcers also have a host of off-air duties. Aside from preparing program schedules, many radio broadcasters create and record promotional radio ads for local businesses and sponsors. These tasks require the skills you’ll develop from a Herzing media program, where you’ll learn the essentials of broadcast announcing, news writing, and copywriting.

In a rewarding broadcaster role, you’ll also sometimes interact with your audience while off the air. Many radio broadcasters maintain an active presence on social media, where they can interact with listeners and get feedback. You might also sometimes make appearances at concerts and other promotional events, and regularly update your station’s website with schedules, photos, and other material.

Get the training that will help you successfully launch a radio broadcasting career at Herzing’s school of media! Visit us online for more course information.

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