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5 Ways that Social Media Professionals Build an Audience

Aug 12, 2016

social media

No matter what stage a company is at, building an online presence is considered one of the most important things businesses can do in today’s market. Building an audience on social media gives people a platform to learn more about any business’ products and services, hear about promotions, and provide valuable feedback.

If you’re thinking of pursuing a Herzing Media diploma, it could lead to a variety of positions where you could help companies build an online presence and grow their following. Roles like social media coordinator, digital marketing assistant, and more allow you to take your knowledge and skills and help companies get their name out there. How is this accomplished? Let’s take a look at how today’s social media professionals help build an audience so that you’ll get a sneak peek into a rewarding career path that could be for you!

Social Media Pros Build Solid Online Profiles and Pages

Once you’re employed in a social media role, the starting point for building an audience on any platform is to have a strong profile. Facebook, for example, allows you to fill out a company bio, provide a link to a website, as well as list any other important contact information. Twitter will only require a short description of less that 200 characters. Regardless of the platform, it’s important to be descriptive of the nature of your business and make sure your words have an impact!

Share High Quality Content Once you Become a Social Media Pro

You’ll learn during your media courses that in order to build an audience, it’s crucial that you share content that they’ll enjoy. Quality content can include photos, well-written blogs and articles, videos, and promotional offers that are targeted at your audience.

Learn to Cross-Promote in a Social Media Role

When developing several social media accounts while building an audience, you may notice that one account starts to get more of a following than another. If you start to gain more followers on Facebook, for example, you might want to try using that account to announce promotions available to individuals who follow you on Twitter or Instagram. Cross-promotion can help ensure that your social media accounts are balanced and that all of your followers have access to the same info.

Social Media Pros Follow their Audiences too!

Building an audience can quickly turn into building a global network!

Social media platforms allow you to follow thousands of people at a time. By following individuals and businesses in your audience base, you encourage questions and further conversation. If, for example, you end up working for a home supply product company, you’ll find that you’ll benefit by following and chatting with interior designers, furniture wholesalers, and a variety of retailers.

Don’t Forget to Use Hashtags!

One small detail that could make a huge difference is adding hashtags to your captions when sharing photos, videos, and other content on social media. Hashtags are used by users on platforms like Instagram to locate content on particular topics. Hashtags give more people the chance to come across your content, and follow you at the click of a button.

Get the social media training that will allow you to build an audience for companies of all sizes! Visit Herzing for course information.

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