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5 Qualities of a Successful Media Professional

Sep 11, 2015


Careers in media offer a whole range of professional pathways and can be very diverse. With a Media diploma, you can find work as a:

  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Copywriter
  • On Air Host
  • Social Media Strategist
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Camera Operator
  • Video Editor
  • Voice-Over Artist

And those are just some of the possibilities!

But, whether you decide to work from home as a freelance digital marketer, with a massive team in a large film studio, or with a few close-knit coworkers at a community radio station, there are certain fundamental qualities every media professional shares.

Read on to find out just what qualities make a successful media professional.

1. Media Professionals are Curious

Many people will tell you to follow your passion. For some people, though, that passion is a little bit of everything. They’re interested in people, politics, fashion, the environment, social issues, cooking, technology – a mix of a few topics or all of them at once!

One thing all media professionals have on some level is an insatiable curiosity about – well, anything. They’re interested in information and sharing that information with others. That’s one of the beautiful things about working in media, and one of the qualities that set media professional apart.

2. Challenges aren’t a Problem for Media Professionals

Students who are drawn to media like tackling a good challenge. They enjoy coming up with new ways of attracting followers, compose the perfect Tweet, or developing the next viralYoutube video.

For media professionals, daily predictable routines don’t quite offer the thrill they need to feel creative and inspired. And so they strive for a career that offers variety and stretches them to reach their full potential.

3. Media Professionals Love to Communicate

For students looking to work in social media, or pursue radio and television broadcaster careers, part of the allure of media is the ability to communicate and connect with others.

Whether they’re replying to a Facebook post, or talking to listeners on live radio, media professionals love to reach out to the community – and these days, that community could include listeners and followers from all over the world!

Not every media professional will be as outgoing as someone with social media coordinator training, but if you’re in the business of communications, engaging with others is a top priority, even if it’s from behind the scenes.

4. Media Professionals Embrace Technology

Media is often at the forefront of new technology – and has seen some huge innovative advancements in recent years.Media professionals stay ahead of the curve and are always ready to leverage new tech in interesting ways.

Streaming videos online, broadcasting radio by satellite, or using new apps and social platforms to connect with potential customers is all in a day’s work for today’s media employees.

5. Creativity is Key for Media Professionals

Creativity – that hard-to-find quality that employers are looking for more and more – is something that media professionals and known for.

Whether they’re coming up with a new digital marketing campaign, writing content for a blog or social media platform, or devising a new angle for a breaking news story, media professionals know how to keep audiences coming back for more with fresh approaches. Their quick thinking and creative spark make them a huge asset to a wide range of employers.

Interested in learning more about different media coordinator careers? Check out Herzing’s programs to find a training path that’s right for you!

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