#Inspiration: 4 Social Media Success Stories for Online Social Media Certificate Students

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Social media is taking the world by storm and companies are scrambling to keep up, stay relevant, and find creative ways to enhance their brand and reputation online. Potential customers are constantly engaging with companies and with each other in an attempt to make the best decision and choose the right products to buy.

This can be very difficult. Every brand has a different reputation, so there is no one-size-fits-all model for social media success. Nevertheless, we can take a look at some of the biggest success stories to determine what type of approach users tend to respond to best.

If you’re interested in a career that utilizes social media to campaign and market various services and products, then read on to find out about these four success stories.

1. Students Taking Online Courses for Social Media Might Know About the Successful #ALSIceBucketChallenge

Arguably the most successful social media campaign of all time, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge had a very simple premise. In order to raise awareness for ALS, participants could either make a donation to the ALS foundation or douse themselves in ice water and then pass on the challenge to a friend. This campaign went completely viral in 2014 and helped raise over $100 million for the foundation. As anyone with an online social media certificate might tell you, the reason it became so popular and effective was because of its cause (ALS research), the sense of community it created (nominating friends), and the activity itself.

2. Creating a YouTube Channel and Promoting User-Generated Videos Worked for Contiki

Another very effective social media campaign was that of Contiki, a company that organizes trips all over the world for young people between the ages of 18 and 35. Because of the age of their target demographic, which is young and very active on social media, Contiki needed to come up with an approach that would actively encourage user participation and raise their brand awareness. What they decided to do was create a Youtube channel and a movement called #NoRegrets, in which users could watch videos from fellow travelers about their experiences. The result was a massive increase in engagement and brand recognition.

Online social media courses explore the most effective ways to engage an audience, the way Contiki did

Online social media courses explore the most effective ways to engage an audience, the way Contiki did

3. Students in Online Courses for Social Media Might Know the #ShareACoke Campaign

Some successful social media campaigns take longer to become successful than others, as social media students often learn throughout their studies. This is exactly what happened to Coca-Cola’s #ShareACoke campaign. It originated in Australia in 2011, but didn’t become a viral marketing campaign until three years later. Its entire premise was based on the idea of having personalized names and monikers on Coke bottles, as a way to begin discussion or even ‘give thanks’ to someone whom you appreciate. This campaign was considered a massive success as well, because of the level of positive engagement it created in its users.

4. Campaigns Can Be Catered to Specific Brands, Which is What Deadpool Did

One important lesson students might learn in online social media courses is that no two campaigns can be run the same way. The nature of the campaign will depend on the brand in question, as well as the social media platform or platforms used to promote it. For Deadpool, a foul-mouthed character in Marvel’s X-Men universe, a regular marketing campaign with trailers and posters just wasn’t going to cut it. Instead, they created PSAs, social media profiles, and viral videos based on Deadpool’s character. Was this successful?

It was. Deadpool made $750 million dollars worldwide—a number that was 13 times more than the money it took to produce.

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