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Rise of “Visual Content” Creates Strong Demand for Graphic Design Diplomas

Dec 06, 2016
graphic design diplomasImage credit: ETHOS3

Aren’t stories always better with pictures?

Storytelling has become a major trend in marketing over the last few years, as we’ve shifted away from direct selling (like pop-up ads) toward truly engaging audiences with inspiring, informative, and entertaining narratives. Visuals are a crucial part of the storytelling equation, and when done right, can enhance brand identity, generate trust and confidence, and drive sales.

graphic design training

The power and popularity of visual content is rooted in how our brains absorb and process information

Image credit: QuickSprout

It’s no surprise that the rise of visual content marketing has sparked new demand for graphic design training and expertise. Many marketing positions now call for some knowledge of software like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. And if you’re hoping to move into content publishing (for your own business or a company you work for), graphic design training is an enormous career asset.

Here is a breakdown of what’s driving the visual content trend, and some of the most popular kinds of visuals in marketing today.

Why Visual Content Marketing is so Powerful

Science easily backs up claims around the influence of visuals on our attention span, memory, and even purchasing behaviors.  The following data leaves little room for doubt that visuals in marketing are extremely powerful, and here to stay:

  • researchers found that coloured visuals increase our willingness to read a piece of textual content by 80% (plus, colour increases readers’ attention spans and recall by 82%)
  • when we just hear information, we’ll only remember about 10% of it a few days later; however, if the information is accompanied by images, we’ll remember about 65% of it a few days later!
  • 65% of senior marketing executives believe that visual assets (photos, video, illustrations and infographics) are core to how their brand story is communicated
graphic design diplomas

The evidence is conclusive: graphics enhance marketing efforts across the board

Image credit: QuickSprout

Infographics Simplify the Complex & Make the Ordinary Intriguing

Why have infographics skyrocketed in popularity of late and become such a go-to component of inbound marketing? The answer is simple, really.

With their colourful, visual, easy to digest format, infographics have everything needed to capture and hold our rapidly diminishing attention spans.

Even the most seemingly mundane concept is made fun and memorable via infographic. Statistical data, steps and procedures, historical timelines, product specifications…all of these become easier to grasp and more fun to absorb when presented visually as an infographic.

And of course, they’re wonderfully shareable—which is key to increasing your brand’s visibility online and attracting new audiences.

But not just anyone can put together a truly stand-out infographic. Graphic design training is a must to produce a product that communicates effectively and garners attention online.

Personalized Social Media Images are Key to Attracting Followers

Part of building a successful social media presence is ensuring your channels truly reflect the demographics, concerns, and motivations of your target audience.

Your social media followers need to see visuals they can relate to and identify with on your online communities—which includes:

  • images of people who look like them, engaging with your products and services
  • videos of customers reviewing your products and offering testimonials
  • images and videos that you know (from persona research) will interest and delight your audience

When your audience sees themselves in your social content, they are far more likely to join your “tribe”, have confidence in your products/services, and engage with you online.

Graphic design courses help social media marketers achieve simple yet effective approaches, like layering customer quotes over inspiring images, developing customized profile and cover images, and assembling an image bank team members can pull from to ensure cohesive visual messaging.

graphic design courses

Image credit: QuickSprout

Graphic Design Training Helps Promote a Consistent Brand Identity

Whether you’re creating images for a digital campaign, or developing designs for print ads, brochures, or business cards—you’ll need graphic design skills to ensure your visuals present a consistent, purposeful brand identity.

Quite a bit of technical knowledge and skill goes into putting together visuals like these, including:

  • selecting typography, font types, size and styles
  • determining alignment and transformation, letter spacing and line height
  • understanding licensing and commercial or personal use, as well as open source licenses
  • respecting the originality of work and avoiding plagiarism

Are you interested in learning more about graphic design training for professionals?

Take a look at the Graphic Design for Professionals Certificate by Kompass Professional Development. This program is delivered entirely online, and covers the fundamentals of graphic design in just 13 weeks.

*For a limited time, Kompass is offering the first course of the certificate, Graphic Design Principles and Concepts, for free! (a $600 value). Click here to claim your spot now!

Or, visit the program page for a complete list of courses, instructor profiles, tuition information, or to chat live with an academic advisor. We’re here to help.

Visit Graphic Design for Professionals Certificate Program Page

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