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“Expiring” Content, Chat Bots & the Hottest Social Media Trends for 2017

Dec 16, 2016

social media training

Keeping up with social media trends can feel totally exhausting!

It seems every month brings a new platform, feature, or set of statistics to consider.  In a recent survey of 600 marketers, a combined 47% said “keeping up with ever-changing networks” and “integrating various social tools” was a major challenge.

We’d like to simplify that challenge a little by rounding-up and explaining some of the top social trends coming down the pipeline for 2017. We can’t promise your social media campaigns will get easier—but at least you’ll know what you’re up against!

Customers Want Faster Responses on Your Social Media Networks

Given the trend toward real-time social media experiences (like live video streaming), it’s not surprising that audiences will expect more “instantaneous” interactions on social media in 2017.

Gone are the days when your customer will post a question on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and feel fine about waiting several days for a response.  And in 2017, not responding at all is completely out of the question!

In fact, according to research published by Lithium Technologies (and shared via Search Engine Watch), the amount of time we’re willing to wait for a response on social media is rapidly dwindling.  This graph shows the response times Twitter users expect when submitting questions to brands—with the majority capping their patience at less than one hour!

Expected Response Time on Twitter

social media trends

In order to deliver high quality customer service on social, brands may need to invest in social media training for existing marketing staff (who will take on more social tasks), or bring on new employees to manage rising expectations around response times.

The Rise of Chatbots on Social Messaging Apps

Not sure your company has the human resources to handle all those real-time customer interactions on social media? Chatbots could be one way to fill the gaps, tighten up response times, and actually personalize the customer experience.

What exactly are chatbots?

Chatbots are conversational agents, designed to simulate real human interactions. Brands have already begun utilizing chatbots via Facebook’s messenger platform, for example—which highlights another important social media trend: the rise of messaging apps.

More people are now using messaging apps more than social platforms, so being present and responsive on these channels is important for 2017 (think WeChat and WhatsApp).

But let’s get back to the bots. Here are a few intriguing examples of chatbot applications from the experts at Chatbots Magazine:

  • Weather bot: provides weather updates whenever you ask
  • Grocery bot: helps you pick out and purchase groceries
  • News bot: tells you whenever anything interesting happens
  • Personal finance bot: helps you manage your money better
  • Life advice bot: helps you generate solutions to personal problems

Here’s a cool example of a chatbot helping a customer order a shirt via the online retailer, Everlane:

social media training

Image courtesy of Chatbots Magazine

What’s the common theme here? Questions are answered immediately and online tasks are performed with greater ease.  Imagine how you could integrate chat bots into your social media strategy this coming year!

“Expiring” Content Takes Over Social Media  in 2017

Are you familiar with how Snapchat messages disappear shortly after they are viewed? And the way Snapchat Stories last for only 24 hours before vanishing?

This notion of “expiring” content has taken social media by storm, creating urgency and excitement around content like never before.

On August 2, 2016, Instagram jumped on board the trend by releasing “Instagram Stories,” which allows users to post picture and video slideshows that expire after 24 hours.

Instagram Stories

social media training

Image credit: Instagram

As the world of content marketing gets increasingly crowded, expiring content offers brands a new way to switch things up , engage with fans, and attract new audiences.

Data will Drive Social Media Strategy (more than ever)

Our ability to track, evaluate, and report on the success of social media campaigns will continue to be very significant in 2017.

Where digital marketing professionals once relied on a “gut feeling” or anecdotal evidence to support social media tactics, we now look to hard data to demonstrate ROI and guide decision-making.

In fact, social media marketers will consider data at every stage of their campaigns, from setting measureable and attainable goals, to gauging effectiveness during implementation, to developing improvements following the “post-mortem” analysis.

Familiarity with Google Analytics, plus the built-in tools offered by social networks and marketing software, is crucial for grounding campaigns in quantifiable insights.

Measuring ROI is Marketers’ Biggest Challenge

social media training

Research courtesy of Simply Measured

It’s no surprise that demand for social media courses is often driven by a need to better understand analytics—to gather actionable data on target audiences and engage with them more effectively. Social media marketers are typically very clever and creative people, but perhaps a bit less enthusiastic about crunching numbers!

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