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Office Design Trends of 2016: A Preview for Students Pursuing Interior Design Training

Jan 27, 2016

interior design courses

When creating an indoor space, interior designers need to keep many different points in mind. They need to create a design that is aesthetically pleasing, but that’s also functional, safe, and within the assigned budget. In addition, they also need to keep new trends in mind. Knowing the newest trends helps interior designers stay ahead of the curve, and produce innovative new designs for clients.

What are the latest office design trends interior design students should keep in mind? Read on for a preview of the year to come!

Promoting Productivity Through Flexibility & Non-Assigned Seating At the Office

When it comes to designing office spaces, interior designers have one more additional concern to keep in mind: office designs should promote productivity. That’s why many of 2016’s trends are grounded in new research.

Take the new trend towards non-assigned seating, for example. In the past, office spaces used to be designed for privacy, with cubicles dividing employees. Then, those private spaces were blown out for open communal benches.

However, with some backlash starting against open spaces, office designers are opting for a bit of both worlds with flexible and non-assigned seating. They incorporate both communal workbenches and small cozy enclaves into their designs, so that extroverted employees can do all the collaborating they want, while quieter introverts can work without distractions. As it turns out, giving employees control over where they sit is—according to the Journal of Environmental Psychology—a proven way to boost productivity.

interior design training

Some employees prefer to collaborate, while others are more productive in quiet environments.

Bright Colours Are in for Offices, According to Interior Design Diploma Holders

When it comes to promoting a creative, fun, and laid back work environment, bright colours are a good go-to option. Already, new studies have found that bright reds help boost attention to detail, while bold blues promote creativity.

While a few bold colours might be beneficial, interior design courses teach students that too much colour might come across as overwhelming. That’s why combining whites or neutral tones with bright accents, is the preferred way to add a dash of colour to any office.

Going Green: Why Offices Will Be Designed With the Environment in Mind

Environmentalism is becoming a bigger and bigger priority for many companies—and that desire to go green stretches to office design too.

That’s why designs that include natural lighting, as well as energy efficient lightbulbs, are a must. “Green” materials also help to reduce a company’s environmental footprint, making them a top choice for professionals with interior design training.

However, even on a smaller budget, going green can be beneficial to a company. By adding a few potted plants to a design, for example, interior designers can boost productivity by as much as 15 per cent as well as improve an office’s air quality.

interior design colleges

Plenty of natural light combined with a few plants can help brighten an office.

Interior Design College Grads Know That Health Is a Top Priority

More and more, new studies are demonstrating the harmful effects that come with sitting in an office for hours on end. According to these findings, sitting can create a range of health problems, including:

  • high blood pressure
  • cardiovascular disease
  • muscle degeneration
  • varicose veins
  • back pain

That’s why new office designs are built with health in mind. Whether it’s adding in standing desks, or even adding a rock climbing wall into the office (which was done to Trivago’s Düsseldorf office), the newest trend is to keep employees healthy.

Are you comparing interior design colleges to find one that’s right for you?

Find out how Herzing’s supportive learning environment and flexible options could make it the perfect choice!



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