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Medical Laboratory Assistant

Program Overview

Medical Laboratory Assistant Training in Winnipeg

Medical Laboratory Assistants conduct medical laboratory tests and set up, clean and maintain lab equipment. Individuals in this role are typically responsible for collecting blood or other samples from patients, logging patient samples and preparing them for testing, and obtaining tissue samples from patients.

Watch this short video for an overview of healthcare careers that you could begin with a diploma from Herzing College. Learn about typical professional responsibilities and discover which healthcare career suits you best!

This program provides an overview of medical laboratory principles, practices, and operations with a focus on developing medical laboratory skills. Areas of study include anatomy, physiology, communication skills, laboratory safety, specimen collection, storing, transportation, and analysis.

Program length: 4 months (30 hours/week, M-TH) includes 6 week internship

The Medical Laboratory Assistant program delivered by Herzing College Winnipeg is accredited by the Canadian Medical Association.

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