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Winnipeg Campus Success Stories

Keith Poushyk

Everything is great with me, I absolutely love my job at CFAR and totally understand the magic of small town radio. There’s so much room to grow and they basically let you do anything you like. Since I have started they have let me work the board, do remote cut ins, voice track, produce, go on sales calls, and that’s all on top of my regular job of writing/web design. They even gave me the title of “Executive Producer of Flin Flon Bomber Hockey Games” (which really just means I op the board during hockey games but hey…it’s a cool title!)

Plus on another cool note, because of my performance during the course the government gave me a $4,000 grant towards my loan. So “woot woot” hard work!  So for now I hope to keep on growing and developing my skills…but thank you again for making this all possible, words don’t do it justice…but I am/will be forever grateful.

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