Professional Development Program:

Crime Scene Management Certificate

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The Crime Scene Management Certificate will give the students the ability to identify a crime scene and establish the importance of maintaining continuity of physical evidence. The actions of police at a crime scene can affect the availability and results of forensic tests later in the investigation. The purpose of crime scene management is to control, preserve, record, and recover evidence from the scene of an incident. It is sometimes useful to bring the forensic specialist to the crime scene itself. Evidence for any crime investigation is paramount and must be handled properly according to laws, policies and regulations to be allowed in court to assist in the prosecution of an accused. Not applying these proper techniques may hinder the investigation or destroy/contaminate the evidence which in turn, may lead to an acquittal of the accused. Securing these crime scenes is vital and can be established through proper maintenance.

The ability of a criminal investigator to determine what happened at a crime scene and the ability of a Crown attorney to accurately re-create that scene through evidence introduced in a courtroom are both affected by the way in which the crime scene is protected and how the physical evidence found there is documented, collected, and preserved. In large part, this is determined by the actions of police officers from the moment they arrive at the scene to the time the first police witness takes the stand to give evidence in court.

We will examine some common myths regarding crime scene investigation; the legal obligations of police officers regarding the collection and preservation of physical evidence; what a crime scene is and how to protect it; the various individuals involved in investigating and managing the scene of a crime; and the documentation, collection, and preservation of physical evidence at the scene of a crime.

Who Should Take the Course?

The Crime Scene Management Certificate is designed to provide individuals currently working within law enforcement/public safety with specialized crime scene management and investigation skills.