Career Development

For Employers - Ottawa

Since 1965 Herzing College has been a leader in providing organizations from all industries with trained employees who are able to be productive immediately. Our Career Development Department exists to help employers meet their needs for qualified technology professionals who can "hit the ground running." Our strength lies in the quality of our graduates, who have "state of the industry" skills in technology, business, health care, design, and safety and security.

The Herzing College Career Development Department's objective is to develop long term relationships with human resource and industry professionals that will contribute to their organization's growth. All employment assistance services provided by Herzing College are free of charge and offer the following to employers:

  • Highly trained, competent candidates
  • Pre-screening of candidates to meet the employer's specifications
  • Each graduate comes with the Herzing College Quality Service Guarantee; if an employer feels (within the first 12 months of employment) that a Herzing graduate needs additional training in a course of study, Herzing College will provide it for free!!

Looking for qualified candidates?

Fill out our job request form to receive resumes from qualified Herzing students and graduates.

Herzing graduates have what employers need:

  • Sound technical competencies
  • Professional attitudes
  • Motivation
  • Team skills

Need an intern?

Participate in the unpaid internship program at Herzing College. Qualified students would work for you at no cost and be WSIB and Liability protected. Contact Joe Perera at or 613-742-8099 to learn more. This is an excellent opportunity for employers to evaluate the skills and fit of a potential new hire.