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Student Benefits

Student Benefits

Alumni Tuition Benefits

Qualifying alumni are entitled to one course (subject) free of tuition, not including lab fees and textbook costs. In addition, alumni benefit from a 20% discount for any other courses/certificates/programs offered by Herzing College, Pre-Apprenticeship Training Institute and Kompass professional development not including lab fees and textbooks.

Kompass Professional Development Voucher

Qualified Herzing alumni are entitled to a $2,000 voucher to be used towards tuition for a Kompass professional development online certificate program. Herzing alumni are also eligible for 20% off individual online classes (subjects) offered through Kompass. Some conditions apply, please contact your Admissions Advisor for details.

Course Audits

In keeping with our commitment to student success, we are very pleased to offer you the opportunity to audit any course you wish. This offer extends to courses outside of your field of study*. Some conditions apply.

Internship Expense Assistance Program (I.E.A.P)

Eligible students that enroll in a participating program will receive a weekly expense assistance while on internship.  Herzing College is committed to student success and our internship expense allowance program is just one way that we can support our students in reaching their educational goals. Click to learn more about the Internship Expense Assistance program. 

Microsoft Windows and Office Benefit

Herzing College students are eligible to receive a free copy of the newest versions of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office allowing them to work with the most up-to-date tools both at school and at home. Upon graduation, the software is yours to keep.

No-Risk Trial Period

We want to take the risk out of making your decision by offering you an exclusive no-risk trial period for most of our programs. It’s simple, you begin your training and the first course in the program you’re interested in before you decide if it’s right for you. You will not be charged any tuition during the trial period. Click to learn more about the No-Risk Trial Period offer.

Quality Assurance Guarantee

  • Students: A Herzing College student may retake any course with which they are dissatisfied, at no additional charge for tuition*. Some conditions apply.
  • Employers: If an employer feels a Herzing College graduate would benefit from retaking a course that had been completed within the last 12 months, Herzing College will allow the student to retake any course offered in the student’s completed curriculum without tuition cost to the student or the employer.


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