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Admissions Requirements Ottawa

Admissions for International Students – Ottawa

Herzing College is a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) eligible to enrol international students under Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s International Student Program.

To begin the process of applying to Herzing College under the status of an “international student”, you will need to satisfy the following requirements in order for us to confirm acceptance and process the Acceptance Letter required to attain a student visa to attend a College in Canada.

1. Complete the personal information and application form found on our website, Apply Now. (You may have already completed this application form; if so, please skip to next step.)

2. You must be a High School Graduate to attend Herzing College.

3. Provide a high school transcript (if not in English – provide a certified translation to the English language). Please provide all relevant post – secondary educational documentation.

4. Provide a non-refundable application fee of $500 (Canadian Funds), which should accompany your documents to start to process your application and to receive your Acceptance Letter. Once you have received approval for your student visa, we require 25% of the tuition be sent in order to secure a seat for the specific program and start date of your choice.

Please send a certified demand draft payable to Herzing College or provide a Visa Credit Card to pay the $500 application fee.

5. Provide us with a copy of your passport. Current address is also necessary if not stated on passport.

6. If you require accommodation, please visit to inquire, however please do not submit a request unless you are a student with Herzing College.

Contact Information
Herzing College
1200 St. Laurent Boulevard
Box 225 St. Laurent Shopping Centre
Lower Level Ottawa,
ON K1K 3B8