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Careers: Network Administrator


A career as a network administrator demands a solid knowledge of computer systems and how they work. It also requires keeping on top of the latest developments in software and hardware, the ability to update and adjust entire systems, and the skills to adapt procedures the moment those updates are executed. Training in this field equips graduates with a range of core problem solving skills applicable to various work environments such as corporations, small businesses, schools, banks and government institutions.

Network Administrator Job Description

A network administrator is someone who must be able to skillfully multitask and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to innovations in software and hardware. Because they support the digital infrastructure of entire organizations, these professionals must be able to work under pressure, locating effective solutions to unexpected technical challenges. Some of the key responsibilities of a professional network administrator include:

• Setting up, maintaining and troubleshooting LAN (Local Area Network), WAN (Wide Area Network) and other types of computer networks
• Software and hardware installation, maintenance and upgrades
• Problem solving for network users
• Network monitoring
• Performing data backups
• Executing disaster recovery operations

Network Administrator Projected Demand

As both large and small companies are increasing their reliance on well-maintained large computer networks, the demand for properly trained and skilled network administrators in Canada significantly outweighs the supply. This trend is projected to continue and ensure availability of entry level positions for at least another five years. Network administrators in Canada earn on average $55,777.