[Infographic]: Top 5 Social Media Careers to Launch in 2016

Social media is here to stay! Today’s successful businesses rely on social media marketing to raise awareness of their products and services, thereby generating wider and more engaged client bases.

From traditional company websites to emerging social media platforms, skilled professionals are now needed to implement effective marketing strategies. They’re hired to make the most of a company’s online presence, giving it the search engine optimized, strategic, and persuasive content and messaging it needs to succeed.

As it stands, Canada ranks in the top three countries worldwide for active social networking usage—with two out of every three Canadians using social media daily for recreational and professional purposes. This won’t come as us surprise to those of us with active social media accounts of our own. You can tap into this thriving resource with your own online social media certificate!

Whether you aspire to become a social media professional or want to handle your own organization’s online marketing strategies like a pro, the right training can get you on-track for success. Here are 5 social media career paths you can access with social media online training:

Social Media Infographic

Top 5 Social Media Careers to Launch in 2016

1. Social Media Marketing Strategist

Social media strategists craft marketing plans that connect companies to prospective clients in interesting and interactive ways.

Job Duties:

  • Develop business-to-client relationships via social media
  • Use analytics to determine effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Create content production plans that keep a company’s social accounts ‘on-brand’

Desired Traits:

  • A knack for coming up with creative ideas and campaigns
  • A finger on the pulse of the latest social media trends
  • Prior experience working in sales and marketing

Average Salary: $58,435 per year

2. Social Media Marketing Manager/Coordinator

Social media marketing managers oversee the design and execution of the plans laid out by strategists.

Job Duties:

  • Produce unique written and visual content
  • Adapt content to different social networking platforms
  • Post strategic and frequent social media updates

Desired Traits:

  • excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • leadership and motivational skills
  • a solid understanding of various social media platforms

Average Salary: $44,639/year

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist

SEO specialists help companies make the most out of their web content by offering optimization options that earn companies higher search engine rankings and web traffic.

Job Duties:

  • Boost website rankings within relevant search results
  • Use analytics to determine the effectiveness of particular search terms and marketing strategies
  • Give social media marketers the tools and terms they need to produce high-ranking content, or produce the content themselves

Desired Traits:

  • Attention to detail
  • Curiosity and self-motivation skills
  • Useful knowledge of back-end web code like HTML and CSS

Average Salary:  $45,700/year

4. Digital Marketing Blogger

Bloggers and social media copywriters help businesses bulk up their online presence and attract meaningful online attention.

Job Duties:

  • Create engaging and factual online content via blog posts and articles
  • Attract readers and followers to a company’s services
  • Incorporate SEO and web strategy into blogs (often as ‘keywords’) to maximize web presence

Desired Traits:

  • Great written communication skills
  • Experience using a range of social media platforms
  • Niche knowledge about particular industries, subcultures, or trends

Average Salary: $30,864/year

5. Online Community Manager

An online community manager acts as a liaison between a company and its online community.

Job Duties:

  • Target particular audiences and reach out to them through social media
  • Increase brand loyalty through meaningful online interactions
  • Maximize online client and reader retention

Desired Traits:

  • Experience working in sales or customer service
  • An outgoing personality and an ability to connect with others
  • The ability to go with the flow and adapt to diverse customers and challenges

Average salary: $59,471 per year